• Smart Shopping
    Smart Shopping Before your next visit to the supermarket let Callum Hann give you some quality and cuisine matching tips
  • Storage Solutions
    Storage Solutions Just a handful of hints on how to get the best longevity and preserve the most flavour from your fresh herbs
  • Detailed Herbipedia
    Detailed Herbipedia Get to know those herbs you are too afraid to pick up and learn something new about your favourite ones
  • Infused Recipes
    Infused Recipes Watch Callum's simple herb recipes or select one of many others to infuse your next meal with the power of fresh herbs
  • Preparation Techniques
    Preparation Techniques Let Masterchef's Callum Hann show you a few useful preparation techniques for some popular fresh herbs


Masterchef's Callum Hann Visits BMG

Popular Masterchef runner-up Callum Hann spent a day at Butler Market Gardens Heatherton Farm to sample our fresh herbs and shared some of his secrets on choosing, preparing and using quality fresh herbs!


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Cuisine Match - Which Herb?

There are plenty of herbs to choose from but just which one to choose for your thai beef salad or dessert? Let Masterchef's Callum Hann give you a few pointers on cuisine matching!

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Herb Quality Tips

Before your next visit to the supermarket let Masterchef's Callum Hann explain some of the finer points of Cuisine Matching and choosing the best Quailty herbs in these helpful videos.

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Callum's Recipe Vids


Chilli Jam & Beer Mussels Herbs, beer and seafood!


Five Spice Chicken Stir Fry Stir fry with spice!

Perfect Preparation Videos

Masterchef's Callum Hann presents a series of short videos demonstrating simple fresh herb preparation techniques to get the most out of your favourite flavours

Fresh Herb Health Benefits

Fresh herbs not only infuse your cooking with great flavour and textures they also provide both short and long term health benefits

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Storage Hint #1 - The Paper Towel

Rinse fresh herbs well and lay on a paper towel. Wrap loosely in the towel and place in zip lock bag. Store your bag of herbs in your refrigerator's crisp section.

Storage Hint #2 - Frozen Herbs

Remove leaves from stems and in a zip lock bag.  Be sure to spread the leaves out so that they are in a single layer and store flat in the freezer.  Whilst you may lose some of the fresh flavour, they...

Storage Hint #3 - Some Like It Hot

Basil prefers warmer temperatures so remove excess moisture by wrapping in a paper towel and placing in a zip lock bag.  Then store in warmest part of refrigerator, or in a cool area of the house!